Hardwarevirtualized Linux/BSD KVM vServer instances or Softwarevirtualized openVZ instances:

This offer is about virtual servers of two different kinds:

Softwarevirtualized openVZ instances means, that your vserver will run as a softwarevirtualized context within the linux kernel.

You will have full root access, and be able to install and run all server services, that does not require direkt access to kernel capabilities.

Except firewall with IPtables and Tun/Tap, which is used for VPN, require usually direct access to kernel capabilities. Because of special settings, these two are also available inside our openVZ instance

and can be used by you.

Running Webserver, Mailserver, Fileserver, Voice/Streamserver and similar will work without any issues.

Services like NFS Servers or fuse will not work, as they require direct access to devices.

This server requires less knowledge of administration, because many settings like HDD/Network and so on are managed by the Hostmachine.


Hardwarevirtualized KVM instances means, that your vserver will run within a hardwareemulation, build with the help of the CPU of the hostserver.

You will have full root access, and you will also be able to run your own custom kernels, changing hardwareclock, accessing your harddisk device and networking devices freely.

You are even able to virtualize your own server to run softwarevirtualized containers like openVZ or docker.

This server gives you basically the same freedom like a dedicated server, being able to access your server from the BIOS level of the system.

The only limitation is, that you can not build your own hardwarevirtualized instances.



CPU Cores 1-2 1-2
RAM 1-8 GB 1-8 GB
HDD 150 GB – 1000 GB 150 GB – 1000 GB
Network 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s
Traffic Flatrate Flatrate
Up/Downgrades any time any time
external Console Yes (VNC) No
IPv4 incl. rDNS 1, more possible 1, more possible
IPv6 incl. rDNS 1x /64 Subnet, more possible 1, more possible
Templates Multiple preinstalled OS available
additionally (individual) ISO Images can be mounted
Multiple preinstalled OS available
Support eMail & LiveChat eMail & LiveChat
Contract duration 1 month auto renewal 1 month auto renewal
Invoicing 1, 6 or 12 month(s) in advance 1, 6 or 12 month(s) in advance
Cancellation period none none
Setup one time none none
Price starting 35,- EUR / year starting 24,- EUR / year
  Configure / Order Configure / Order

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