The servers are located in Frankfurt/Main – Germany.


  • Multiple accesslevels of the building
  • 24/7 access of technical support via keycard
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • Central fire fighting center
  • Connected smokedetector network

Datacenter powersupply

  • Power from 100% natural, regenerative ressources ( Green-Power )
  • Modulare interruption free Powersupply
  • Batterybuffered Powersupply
  • Redundant powersupply ( A + B Feed )
  • External protection from overvoltage

Datacenter cooling

  • Energysaving and redundant datacenter cooling
  • All Coolingdevices work redundant
  • Modern cold/warm area caging


  • Redundant Fiberchannel network
  • 1GE – 10GE geswitchtes Netzwerk
  • Routing & Switching via Juniper/Cisco/HP equipment

Our Serverequipment is optimized for energy-efficiency coming from Dell and Supermicro.

All servers have multiple redundant powersupplies and redundant harddisk arrays.

We hold a stock of spare servers in case of lethal damage of servers.